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TOW # 3 June 4, 2010

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I feel that after reading chapter 4 in “Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics,” that a it would be much more beneficial and easier to start out in a Public Relations Firm rather than a Public Relations Department. This is because it seems like it would be harder to be hired to a firm then a department because of the size, which would make it a better place to start of because it shows that you know your stuff and are one of the best. Now I am not saying that if you start off in departments you are not that best and don’t know your stuff just that it is easier to get into a department because they have different departments in the one department. I would be happy starting in either when I graduate.


One Response to “TOW # 3”

  1. amberlaurin Says:

    After reading chapter 4, I also thought it would be more beneficial to start out in a firm. At a firm you are able to work with many different clients, who represent different products while at a department you work with and for one client. I am still undecided as to what area of PR I want to work in, so I hope to start at a firm after graduation… but I too would be happy with any job =)

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