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T.O.W # 4 June 16, 2010

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This week’s topic of the week was to listen to an interview that Professor Nixon conducted with Martin Waxman , the President and Co-Founder of Palette Public Relations Inc.

I found the interview with Waxman very interesting, not only because one day I would love to start my own firm but also because of the

Waxman said that he often followed student blogs, which I find very commendable in his crazy schedule.

When Waxman began to talk about his company and the different companies that they worked for including Olay, Herbal Essences, and many more, then he included three key factors simplicity, energy, and integrity. These three key factors should always be involved in PR companies.

Then Waxman began talking about his podcasts and how he found them fun because you were doing more than just simply typing. He told us that he records most of them through Skype on Sunday evenings. They then send off the recording where it is to be made into a digital audio track. Waxman let us know that it usually takes about forty minutes before they actually start recording because they spend time going over exactly what will be on the podcast.

When Professor Nixon asked what advice he would offer to people interested in his organization, he said that when it comes to the necessities, the traditional skills are very important. He also said that the basic knowledge of the social media is a plus. His word of caution was to be sure that you use words correctly and spell them correctly in your blog. If you don’t you chances of have a good career are limited.

I really enjoyed this interview and the insight that was given to me.


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