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T.O.W #9 July 7, 2010

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Seeing as I am new to blogging with this being my first time in this class, I feel that I have very helpful tips for first time bloggers.

1. Make your blog your own.

  • This is because when people see your blog you want it to say something about yourself. Whether it is from the layout or just the quotes let it be all about you.

2. ALWAYS proofread

  • You never know who could be looking at your blog. It could be a future employer or just a friend. You never know so you should always spell and use correct grammar. DO NOT use texting slang or anything like that.

3. Post regularly

  • If you do not do this you will most likely stop and not keep posting. I found this difficult throughout this class because I would put things off and then be out of time.

4. Always but your OWN spin on things

  • When you post blogs always make the post in your own words.

5. Don’t rush the growth of your blog.

  • Your blog will eventually grow but you cannot rush it because then it might become messy and disorganized.

6. ALWAYS put pictures

  • This livens your blogging up because even if it is just a little cartoon sketch it makes people more interested in reading the post if it has artwork with it.

7. ALWAYS give credit

  • If you post a video on your page always make sure you give credit to the original source.

8. Make sure the topics you are writing about are SOMEWHAT interesting.

  • This is because if you are not writing about interesting things why would anyone want to read your blog. It’s just like a newspaper if the article is not interesting people are not going to read it.

9. Be to the POINT

  • If you are not interesting in the beginning of your blog readers are going to move on. This is just like when editors read press releases if the first 30 words are not interesting they are going to move on and not publish it.


  • This is one of the best and easiest tips. Your blogging experience should be fun. You should want to do this. Don’t do it just because your friends are doing it. Do it for you.

3 Responses to “T.O.W #9”

  1. These are some great tips. Thanks for sharing them, Kourtni.


  2. ggonzalez33 Says:

    Awesome tips!! Thanks!

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