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T.O.W #2 July 7, 2011

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The media tries to make us feel like what they say has to go. The media tries to tell us what to wear, what to like, what we should look like, what kind of music we should listen too, and overall how we should act. In our day and age, the media definitely tells us how we should look but if it’s we listen or not.  We really shouldn’t listen to what the media says when it comes to ourselves this is because the media is run by certain people who feel that they know what the “image” is suppose to be. The thing is that everyone has different opinions on what that “image” should be. Just because the media thinks that everyone should be very skinny, does not mean that everyone thinks that, it is one opinion which really does not mean a lot in the overall picture.

I feel that the only thing that could be done from a public relations standpoint would to be and try and change it. Yes, that was be very difficult and would probably not work since we are so set in our ways but we should not put out there if you aren’t that certain body type the media says you should be that you are not beautiful or will not be loved. That is a horrible thing for the media to put on anyone especially kids in the generation under us because they are still very vulnerable.

image provided by: http://healthybulls.wordpress.com


One Response to “T.O.W #2”

  1. amandakep Says:

    I agree with your view on the PR standpoint because it’s important to try to change things for younger generations. Hopefully in years to come things will change and we won’t have as high of a percentage of eating disorders and depression due to body image dissatisfaction.

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