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T.O.W #3 July 14, 2011

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During my childhood since I can remember my mother’s saying was always, “your father would be so proud or your father wishes he could be here for this.” It was always just my mom and me during my childhood until I was about 10 years old. My father was in the Navy on submarines, this means he was usually out for 6 months at a time with very limited contact and he would come home for maybe a month and then go back out again or at least that is how it seemed. I decided that instead of doing a famous person as my role model, I decided that my mother, Frances Lee Davis is my role model. This idea dawned on me this past week, during my father’s retirement he said a speech and in that speech he said, “Frances, during Kourtni’s younger life you had to be not only the mother but the father, accountant, maid, chauffer, and cook.” This was so true. My mother did everything for me growing up. My mom is a very strong willed person. She has dealt with a lot from me because I have never been the best kid to take care of and that is why she says she only had me and not any other kids because I was enough. While my father is out to sea, I did tons of stuff that my mom had to deal with and be there for me, yet while still dealing with everything else going on in her life. There was one time in middle school, my mother had mouth surgery and was on medication that would not let her drive. Well I had a football game to cheer at so I went and was just going to get a ride home, yet nothing ever goes as planned. I ended up displacing my knee and having to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance and my mom had to get a ride to the hospital and then take care of me through the endless doctor appointments and physical therapy, yet she never once complained or said anything like you need to find a ride or that day just won’t work. Then there were other times that I put my mom through stuff that she should have not have been put through alone. The worst thing she has been put through though alone would have to be when I got arrested and she had to come pick me up from the jail and not only was I arrested but I had also been skipping school which made the situation worst. Yet she came out of it fine and punished me. But she did it alone. My mom is so strong for being able to take care of me alone without any help. She has never broke down or not been able to go on even when the going got really tough. She is the best mom I could have ever asked for. This is why I picked her to be my role model because of her determination and strong will. She will always be the best mom in my eyes and I will now leave ya’ll with a few words that my mom would always say to me, “I brought you into this world and I take you out!”

Image Provided by: Kourtni Davis


6 Responses to “T.O.W #3”

  1. ggonzalez33 Says:

    Aren’t Moms the best!? My hero is my Mom too 🙂

  2. khilson Says:

    This is such a sweet blog! You and your mom sound really close! I love the example stories you gave. Yay to your mom! 🙂

  3. empyreus Says:

    That is very sweet.

  4. winiwe Says:

    My mom is my role model too, so I completely know where you’re coming from. My dad wasn’t around a lot when I was younger because he worked construction on the road. I love the quote about your mom being the mom, the dad, the cook the chauffeur, etc. My mom was all those things to me as well. 🙂

  5. tinaspeak Says:

    That is really cool you chose someone close to you. I wish I was as close to my mother as you are yours.

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