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T.O.W # 4 July 21, 2011

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Ever since I can remember I have always loved movies. I loved when I was a kid and imagining what it would be like to be one of the Disney princesses or if my life could be like that. I don’t really have a top ten list of movies because I love so many. I would have to say though I am in love with a couple movies like Forrest Gump, Blow, and the Hangover 1 and 2. These movies are all different genres and I love all of them. I really love Forrest Gump just because of the story line and how they put him in real life things that happened. In high school, this guy I knew actually thought Forrest Gump was a real guy, it was very funny. I love Blow because of Johnny Depp and the story line. Now for Hangover 1 and 2, I love these movies just because they are hilarious and I leave the movie with a great abs workout.

I went and saw Harry Potter at the Midnight showing, I thought for my generation it was a must to see this great story come to an end. I will say that I have all of the books but have never read them. I started to read the first one but I just could not get into it. Yet I really fell in love with the movies. So I thought the movie was amazing but I was told that it did not exactly follow the book. This made some people angry. Overall, it was an amazing way to end an amazing story.

image provided by: http://www.sequel-buzz.com/2011/06/hangover-3-already-in-production.html


2 Responses to “T.O.W # 4”

  1. bh01480 Says:

    I love how all of the movies on your list are of different genres, because that is exacty how mine was! I also have enjoyed watching movies ever since I was a kid. They are great!

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