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Twitter for a week. July 24, 2011

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For the past week, we were supposed to be using Twitter and ‘tweeting’ about certain things related to PR. Now I will say I have slacked a bit with the ‘tweeting’, yet I still feel that I got the initial experience of Twitter.

My opinion of Twitter is that it is the grown-up version of Facebook. This is because Twitter has simplicity about it. It is very easy to use and to ‘tweet’ you don’t have to figure out chatting or how to really use it; now with Facebook, you have to figure out all these different applications and how to use them, where this can be very complex and hard for some people usually older generations.

I do feel though that Twitter is great for the professional part unlike Facebook. This is because you can only have one picture and you don’t really ‘tweet’ about how bored you are or how you wish it would stop raining. Twitter is great for getting big events or news out there, like how a lot of people during this week ‘tweeted’ about NASA and the launch.

Another thing that I did not like about Twitter was how you could only write 140 characters. I felt like I was writing a text message and having to limit my words. This I really disliked because I would have a comment and I could not finish it because it was longer than 140 characters.

Overall, once I get into a professional atmosphere I could see myself using Twitter to get events known and things like that. But until than I think I will let my Twitter stay inactive because to me it gets kind of annoying to sit there and have to constantly be checking your Twitter and how people can sit there and ‘tweet’ over 20 times a day, to me that is annoying.

Image provided by: http://technmarketing.com/web/ten-things-you-must-know-before-using-twitter/


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