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What in the world is Social Media News Release? July 27, 2011

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What is a Social Media News Release is the big question. Well, it can also be referred to as Social Media Release or a Social Media Press Release. A SMNR takes advantage of linking, multimedia and social media capabilities of the web to make it more reader-friendly. A SMNR appeals to three constituencies: traditional journalist, bloggers/podcasters, and consumers/reader.( Social Media Training)



Social Media News Releases have a lot more Pros then Cons according to the American Population. (The Marketing Manager Blog)




  • Social media gives your business a new voice. It’s hard to compete with social media when it comes to building a personality for your brand. Used properly, social media can enhance relationships and boost your reputation in the online and offline worlds. Remember though, it’s not all about you – social media involves sharing much more than simply promoting.
  • Reach new markets. For old-timers, social media can appear bewildering. But as we know, today’s youth will soon become tomorrow’s power generation. Social media can open up new audiences, as potentially the world is the audience for your blog, Facebook page or YouTube video. 
  • Improved customer feedback. You may not like it, but social media gives you free feedback on your business. Use it to improve your products and services, thereby enhancing your reputation and growing market share.


Social media bypasses intermediaries. Send out a media release or organise an interview, and your message will be filtered by the              publisher or journalist. Social media gives you a direct voice to your customers, with no intermediaries to block the message.


  • Social media gives you flexibility. If your business is suited to videos, use YouTube. If writing is your forte, get blogging with WordPress. If you’re in retail, check out what your customers are saying on Foursquare. And with the spread of smartphones, there’s plenty of potential for you to be spreading the word while waiting at the bus stop or at the supermarket checkout counter!




  • It takes time. Content needs to be generated, and your online audience expects swift responses and a smooth transactional process from your business. A good test of your readiness for social media is how long it takes you currently to respond to an email query to your website. If it takes longer than a day, you’re not ready yet.
  • Social media doesn’t replace marketing strategy. Social media tools aren’t built to create productive customers on their own. Ultimately, it comes down to your business and marketing strategy, to help convert your social media community into business customers. Don’t confuse the difference between your online community and your marketplace.
  • Employ the right talent. Social media requires engaging content and should not be left to the “guys in IT.” Make sure your PR/marketing people are fully utilised to generate new and exciting content relevant to your online audience.
  • Surrendering control isn’t easy. Social media involves opening up your business to the outside world, and the feedback isn’t always positive. Not everything should be dealt with online; for example an invoice query shouldn’t be discussed on Twitter. On the plus side, critics can be turned into your biggest promoters by engaging with them and addressing their concerns.
  • Return on investment is long term. Like a traditional PR campaign, the return on investment for engaging in social media is difficult to measure as the impact will be felt over the medium to long term.


A PR practitioner should consider using a SMNR all the time. This is because SMNRs get three times more attention than the traditional news release, according to a study by Show Me Numb3r5 conducted by Adam Harper. SMNRs really do need to be taken seriously though because they can be seen many places.


There are many different places that can help you create Social Media News Releases. One of the ones I have used is PRX Builder. I made a SMNR for the Recreation Student Association. It was dealing with the 2nd Annual Bruster’s Scoop Night on Aug. 1. The goal of this was for more people to hear about this and in turn getting more people to show up to the event. The target market is people in or around Statesboro, GA. Now there is another website you can use for SMNRs and that is Pitch Engine. There motto is “get the word out” which is a great motto for a Social Media News Release because that is what you are trying to do. I found a great example of a SMNR by Ford in 2007.



  1.  Do your research and have measurable goals – This is very self-explanatory. Just do your research and have little goals within the SMNR
  2. Know your target audience- This is very important because if you do not write for your target audience they will not receive the message.
  3. Put your readers first- This should always be done with whatever you are writing.
  4. Incorporate Multimedia content- This should be done because this is the point of a SMNR, so why not take advantage of it.
  5. Remember, it is better to give than receive- This being said instead of pushing your opinion or things like that you should give all the facts and not just your opinion.  Provided by: ChannelMBlog

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